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Identity and Access Management Initiative

A Joint Challenge: Managing Millions of UC Davis Personal Identities

The UC Davis Identity and Access Management (IAM) initiative is the product of a unique partnership between the information technology organizations at the Davis and Sacramento campuses, and one of several joint projects to focus on innovative solutions to common needs. Both campuses have pooled funding, resources and expertise and have worked together, with input from the technical and business community, to conceptualize and develop the new system.

The IAM project serves and supports both UC Davis campuses, in Davis and Sacramento. IAM makes use of a broad framework to create a common 'identity database' holding secure summary information about faculty, students, staff, and in a future phase, patients. The information stored is used to support login and authentication to UC Davis computer systems and networks. In the past this information has been stored in literally hundreds of applications. This data has been duplicated many times over, a duplication that is the root cause of the many different passwords that people struggle with at UC Davis.

IAM Self-Service

The IAM Self-Service application suite allows UC Davis community members to perform various actions related to their Identity and Computing Services access.

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